~ I am in Self-love and complete acceptance of my life and my environment at large, as I glimpse the sacred miracle of life emanating from me, for me. I experience deeply moving gratitude, love and praise throughout my Eternal Journey.

~ I surrender to All that I AM, and I create pristinely from the Heart in the Moment. All reveals itself through the silent surrender of my being, as I cherish and treasure the voice of my Soul expressing throughout my life.  I live fully from the lovingly cultivated details of the width of my inner space.

~ In my chosen and expressed reality, I have a beautiful, synchronous flow of actionable, fruitful creativity, in all areas of life, and my physical form and appearance are timeless and ageless, refining in beauty and compassion out-pictured…. 


If you are interested to explore an opportunity for a new communal experiment, the unique ways in which we can work together individually, and / or to share any comments or inquiries about anything shared within this site, please feel free to write to me as inspired, via my secured Contact Page. It is a true pleasure and grateful privilege to walk in reverence together, here & now. Thank You, Radiant One, for uniquely illuminating the temple of the Infinite’s eloquent articulation of Self-Love! ~ Jodie ❤

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