The Mystical Gifts of Self-Communication

What Happened when I Ceased to Prefer Life Over Death?

~ Part 1 ~

Dear Ones,

As I begin to write about this mystical experience, I am compelled to preface it by clearly stating my intention in doing so. Through sharing the following, I am not intending to or dawn-risingattempting to explain anything as though I think that “I know” – all that I am writing here is a literal accounting of my unique journey, and my perspective of what these occurrences have illustrated for me, with full acknowledgment that we live in a fluidly renewing, unknowable Cosmos. I present here with enthusiasm and appreciation for the fullness of my multi-dimensional conversation with Life, my unique observations, as a means to acknowledge and affirm to life itself, my gratitude for such responsiveness and intricacy of orchestration. I approach this with profound respect and humility in recognition that insights arise for each unique individuation in perfect timing through perfect means. Any comparisons are moot, given that each Being inhabits and expresses a completely unique reality; while all interactions are the One Being speaking to Self. All that I describe here is through the lens of my unique reality. I am doing so, with profound excitement for and in celebration of the multiple threads of inquiry that weave together so brilliantly through the insights that have organically ignited, and with deepest respect for all, that in sharing we may mutually inspire in unforeseen ways….

Divine Marriage

Furthermore, I dedicate the expression and sharing of these experiences and their ensuing insights, as an archetypal act of seamless mutual support between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine; an offering co-facilitated between the depths of the feminine oracular vision in passionate emotional proactivity, whole-heartedly received, respected and supported by the fluid boundaries of the balanced masculine in devoted union….


Part 1: Onyx, the Angels of Reincarnation, and Living the Blessings of the 3rd Level of Resurrection

I need to begin with Onyx – my Beloved, deeply affectionate and consistently close physical feline companion of over 11 years. In spring 2016 at the age of 10, Onyx became ill. I researched her symptoms and established a home apothecary, consisting of a variety of appropriate naturopathic  and homeopathic remedies. I devotedly crushed herbs and added tinctures to her food, and performed Kriyavaspata for her regularly. She improved. Then her condition degraded. She visited the vet. I conscientiously addressed all new symptoms, and she improved. Then her condition degraded. This occurred again, and again, and again, for over a year. Over time, I questioned everything that had been a part of Onyx’s life – and delved into the multiple layers present for consideration.

Onyx’s sister from the same litter, Boreal, was and is still a picture of health, stealth and vitality. And I always had this pervasive sense, that Onyx tended towards and showed me much about the etheric, feminine soul realms, while Boreal seems deeply rooted in the masculinity of the physical. As I have been navigating multiple profound shifts through the stages of Resurrection, and the unification of the masculine and feminine (the dissolution of the illusion of their separation), it lead me to sense that in fact, Onyx was a way-shower through the realm of death, while Boreal upholds principles of the realm of life, and that I was now face-to-face with Onyx’s messages for me about death.

friend of gardens, and striking beauty - Onyx Although I recognize, appreciate and celebrate my own immortality, I felt that perhaps Onyx too had attained physical immortality, and I struggled with releasing her physical presence – with ceasing to prefer her expression in life over death. While I did extensive self-work and consistent self-scrutiny through an Eternal perspective, it became heart-wrenching to see Onyx suffer, and I did feel that I was able to release my sense of preference for her life over death. Shortly thereafter, as I prayed for, an inevitable sign presented itself that it was in fact time to assist Onyx to cross-over. I had done Kriyavaspata for her so many times during that past year, that I could feel the angelic presence with her, as I prayed over her and cuddled her for the last time… anointing her ears with fuchsia, and describing to her the insights that the experiences of navigating illusions via her ‘illness and passing’ have gifted me with, through dancing with the opposites of life and death. She transitioned on the 3rd of August. It was possible to bury her on my property, in a space that I had ceremoniously prepared. I had asked, during multiple sessions of Kriyavaspata, that the angels of reincarnation assist her to return to me in another body, should she wish to.With her body at rest in a hole that I dug in a place that chose itself, that night, I could feel her (on my back) as though she was inside of me — literally as though she was still laying on me for sleep (which she did about 80% of nights), but within my inner space!

That said, it was so moving to me — after she transitioned – in a short time I felt her within my inner space – as though with my inner body (this helped me to sense my inner body in a new way). After she passed, I was away traveling for a few days; then when I returned home, it was the external physical level of being here without her that struck me as an enormous challenge initially, as in, I would see her in various places out of the corner of my eye, and I still reflexively looked for her; one day I had to lay on the floor beside where her food dishes had been because I could feel her so strongly there, etc. Because her body has been buried so nearby, I was able to sit there too — but within a couple of days, a spontaneous thing occurred….

In a poignant moment of feeling rather forlorn and with a multi-level pain in my body / heart, I walked into the main garden on a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon, and laid down, with my chest on the Earth. None of this was planned or considered, and while it felt right to be doing, it took a little bit to appreciate what was happening. My best guess is that I remained like that for the better part of an hour, and what I began to sense is that the very physical level memory of our connection was dissolving from my body with assistance from the Earth — it was a profoundly Shamanic healing, although again – it was not at all anticipated, though assisted the body at an essential, visceral level, to release the feeling sense of her physicality, from my physicality. It was so amazing, as through the process I had cognitively and emotionally recognized the necessity and inevitability of what was unfolding, and knew she was fully supported, as was I, and emotionally it was not the challenge it would have been without the degree of insights and consistent perception, however the physical was really the place where I felt it – literally the visceral response of the organs – as though my body searched for hers. And it was a couple of days until the spontaneous Shamanic healing in the garden unfolded, before I could see clearly how profoundly our connection had been in the physical – because I’d primarily considered it of the emotional / Soul / etheric realms. Since this spontaneous healing, I have experienced physicality differently through my body, and feel this is an important element within the 3rd stage of Resurrection.

Onyx had endured some traumas, both in the physical and through her travels inter-dimensionally – some of you are very familiar with the intense years of volatility within the spiritual realms, and those traumas never fully healed for her. Even still – she miraculously returned! I had no intention of immediately looking for a new kitten, however within weeks, saw a photo of a gorgeous young kitten bearing a striking resemblance to the beautiful Onyx, at the local Humane Society shelter. When my little son saw the photo, he asked unprompted, “Do you think maybe Onyx has a new life already?” Shortly thereafter, someone else asked me the exact same question! I went to meet the kitten, applied to adopt her, and had her home shortly thereafter.

Passing through the gate of death into inner space briefly, and now expressing anew, has completely cleansed her… I have a very different appreciation for the blessings bestowed through the function of death, and feel now clearly through the illusion of death as a permanence…. As I used Kriyavaspata with Onyx regularly for over a year, I prayed many times to the Angels of reincarnation to assist her to rejoin me, according to her wishes. The kitten’s body was prepared prior even to Onyx’s death, with almost matching birthdays! I feel beyond elated at how supported the entire process of purification and renewal has been, and the depth of insight into the illusion of life and death as opposites – as it is a tremendous blessing of illumination within the 3rd level of Resurrection, in preparation for expression of the reality of the Immaculate White Light….


It is very interesting with Aura (her full fancy name is Aurora Sage) here now… as she also gravitates for day-time cuddles and spends the nights with me, however it feels to be at a different level altogether. There is no enmeshment or subtle attachments; as Ciara keenly pointed out, there is no longer resonance through shared traumatic imprints (through the years shared during volatility within the spiritual realms – now old, obsolete dreams) — so feels to be a refined expression of the companionship, and mutual appreciative recognition…. I am truly moved beyond words to see the pristine essence of her Being unfettered by her body, and now actually fully supported in her physical expression – and am delighted for our evolutionary path into new bodily expression in the White Light Reality!

In the year leading up to, and over the course of the past few months since Onyx’s transition, I have felt and contemplated deeply upon the significance of releasing preference for life over death, inasmuch as this relates to the 3rd level of Resurrection, wherein the inner resurrection of the inner body and inner soul takes place, and the full reparation of the schism, as described in Braamish Ananu, is repaired – all illusions of separation between masculine and feminine, life and death, electric and magnetic, light and love, body and soul, are fully resolved. In this light, it is clear the profound service beloved Onyx rendered through passing into death and returning, allowing me to see through the illusion and experience the true Eternal nature of our emanating, ever-present, boundlessly supportive Source…. Through Almine’s profoundly generous offering to create personalized healing oil blessings, it became clearer to me upon receipt of her recorded message, that an area of previous obscurity has reached its time to clarify. Now enter Almine’s interpretations of the Tablets of Fire…. featured in Part 2

“We cast a shadow only when we favor life over death, the known over the unknown. To cast no shadow means to live from the still center of our Being, where cause and effect are one. If we cast a shadow, something is working against us all the time.” ~ Almine, the Tablets of Fire

Thank you so much for reading through. This concludes the first of two parts, of a deep-dive / flight of the mystic series! The complete post is available by clicking here, and you can access it using password: paradox

The full version has also been made accessible in its entirety, for members on my shared platform with Anita Lucia, Whole Being Flourishing.

I wish you Limitless Blessings of Ignition through Recognition of the Unfathomable Sacredness of the Journey, Beautiful Ones! ~ Jodie ❤ | Devoted Support of Self-Mastery through Inspired Intimacy within the Temple of Life!

“… adoration is not a feeling; it is a condition of the cells that enables the will of the Divine to broadcast through them and to be interpreted into experience. Humility means we stand in silence before the wonder of our being and allow it to reveal everything to us.”  Almine

3 thoughts on “The Mystical Gifts of Self-Communication

  1. This adventure you have shared is so profound, exquiste and brings so many elements within to light. I feel blessed to have been able to read this and feel the deep intimacy of your experience of your journey. It is a challenge to describe the internal impact and the learning you have given to me….it brings me within myself to a deeper level. Looing forward to the next 2 parts of your journey. Thank you so much for sharing it.


  2. I don’t have words to describe the feelings that your beautiful sharing has created in me. The subject of life and death is very present in my unfolding. Thank you.


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