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un-self-conscious beauty

Reverent Intimacy is a term that I began using, having not heard it elsewhere, to attempt to convey the fullness of communing through our potential, in the glory of Divine Love beyond pain or separation, and embracing sacred sexual expression. My experience of intimacy within life at large as evolutionary, is as an inclusive holistic expression of the majesty and deep mystery of Whole Being interaction and embrace – an acknowledgment of the multi-dimensional, unknowable fluidly renewing mystery of one another, as we meet in cherished embrace of the Divine that animates and scintillates throughout all of life. The content herein is in essence my love song to the Infinite, in celebration of the beauty and diversity of Its expressions.

For those who study the vast teachings of the luminous, incomparable, great mystic and Seer Almine along with me, you may recognize that metaphysically this speaks to engaging within the indivisibly whole particles of Tonal Luminosity, within Divine Compassion. In the way that I hold it, Reverent Intimacy as an emphasis along one’s path, is a commitment to celebrating connection with the Divine in each moment, as in the principles of Divine Compassion, and celebrates the recognition that the only true relationship is of Self with the Source of Being, and the inevitable ignition through never-ending engagement of degrees of depth and endless nuances perpetually unfolding to be explored and expressed. Reverent Intimacy is a love song, of the paradox of adoration in manifestation, within the Sacred Temple of Life….

In Devoted Support of Self-Mastery


My perspective is that all that is shared by way of the healing sessions is in support of each in their own unique way, to cultivate their self-mastery. We nurture self-empowerment through reading the language of dream symbolism, and throughout any given circumstances throughout the canvas of our lives. This gives foundation and support to walking with awareness, rather than falling into coping mechanisms that try to bypass any unpleasantness. The core concept of healing is that perfection is underlying all appearances; and hence all healing modalities that I use are in support of self-mastery always – specific effects are a result of all alchemical elements in dynamic fusion, as we are never trying to control or to dictate effects directly. My deepest prayer is to assist in refining clarity, such that each evolves their self-mastery in holding and approaching their own co-creation, with each reverent step….

About My Journey….

A snapshot of life: I live in (and Love!) coastal Atlantic Canada; am deeply privileged with an exceptionally beautiful young son; have worked in local organic agriculture for over a decade, while studying, practicing and facilitating various specialized healing modalities (details below). I am a NCSF certified personal trainer, with specialized training in Meridians Informed Yoga Therapy. I am currently challenging myself with new weight lifting goals in addition to my much loved yoga practice. I ADORE flowers; you’ll see a lot them here!

During 2005-2006, I experienced a rapid spiritual awakening of heightened healing and remembrance, that has inspired through beckoning mystery ever since, as my devoted spiritual path and practice, illuminating and enhancing the ever-present guidance and ‘extra-sensory capacities’ that have been innate throughout my experience of this lifetime. I have immersed now for many years, in esoteric and metaphysical studies and practice, finding amazing synchrony with my transformative, mystical, visionary experiences throughout the years. My wider academic background is in linguistics, writing and editing; with additional college training in anatomy and physiology.

I have received various certifications in a diversity of energetic healing modalities, and studied Tantric teachings for over a decade. I have explored many healing modalities over the years, and retained only the purest and most impactful; sharing with others in impeccability and with delight. My intention as practitioner, at all times, is to offer tools of self-empowerment and self-guidance, in recognition that all of life is constantly fluidly renewed, wherein we can know nothing, such that the revelation of underlying perfection is possible within the clarity of our vision and the purity of our hearts.

From the peerless mystic and Seer Almine:

My dearest Jodie; Beloved One as I read the questions that you’ve asked, I was really impressed, by the level from which these questions arose. Dearest, do you understand, how incredibly advanced – conscious – you are to be asking these level of questions? These levels of questions are far beyond what hardly anyone would think of asking; they indicate how far ahead on the journey you are, and how right on target you are, with all the opportunities that are being given us.

You are doing a great, wonderful job, of being ready for every step along this journey. Jodie, my deep respect and praise to you, it is – you really are living an exquisite, masterful life. You are a tremendous blessing for me; a great gift on this journey. Much Love. ~ Almine


I open here to share my journey in transparency and with compassion. I am a Grand Master practitioner, both of Belvaspata and of the Runes of the Infinite Mother, a Huna Qi Vesta, and have specialty training in acupressure using therapeutic grade alchemical oils. I have worked closely as a colleague with Anita Lucia, since 2009, co-facilitating group healing and activation sessions since 2011, via InnerMasteryTools.com, and in-depth exploration since 2013 via the AcademyOfFragranceAlchemy.com. Our new joint project is featured at WholeBeingFlourishing.com.

I extend these writings as an invitation to walk with me, in celebration and devotion to the beauty and deep mystery of life unfolding. As a spiritual coach and healer, I strive in each moment, to bring forward and share the maximum and newest that I can access, holding nothing back. That said, healing potentials are shared as blessings – healing is never enforced. In celebrating daily the embrace of illuminations, revelations of perfection, and dissolution of what no longer serves, we emphasize a supportive, self-nourishing field of perpetually renewed and enhanced perceptions and refining attitudes.

            If you are interested to explore an opportunity for a new communal experiment, the unique ways in which we can work together individually, and / or to share any comments or inquiries about anything shared within this site, please feel free to write to me as inspired, via my secured Contact Page. It is a true pleasure and grateful privilege to walk in reverence together, here & now. Thank You, Radiant One, for uniquely illuminating the temple of the Infinite’s eloquent articulation of Self-Love! ~ Jodie ❤


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