Dear Ones; the following excerpts are from my About and Private Sessions pages. I invite you to visit those both as inspired, and am including the paragraphs here as they give context for the Affirmations that follow.

In Devoted Support of Self-Mastery


My perspective is that all that is shared by way of the healing sessions is in support of each in their own unique way, to cultivate their self-mastery. We nurture self-empowerment through reading the language of dream symbolism, and throughout any given circumstances throughout the canvas of our lives. This gives foundation and support to walking with awareness, rather than falling into coping mechanisms that try to bypass any unpleasantness. The core concept of healing is that perfection is underlying all appearances; and hence all healing modalities that I use are in support of self-mastery always – specific effects are a result of all alchemical elements in dynamic fusion, as we are never trying to control or to dictate effects directly. My deepest prayer is to assist in refining clarity, such that each evolves their self-mastery in holding and approaching their own co-creation, with each reverent step….

I appreciate fully and in depth of humility acknowledge that each Being inhabits their own distinct reality… I have established this site as an avenue through which to share the inspired articulation of self-support as Adoration in Manifestation, in the form of whole-being / multi-d affirmations. These posts speak to inviting appreciative cognizance of conscious conversation with one’s expressed environment. I offer these as a gift of Divine Love throughout All of Life – please use freely (if redistributing or sharing please credit their source, all Copyrights reserved by, or adapt for your own use, in any way that most poignantly expresses a sense of self-support… Blessings of Luminous Self-Revelations! 

Each Affirmation below has been posted here on my site as a unique blog post with photo; this is a list for ease of reference!

  • I am taking this time now, for personal sacred ritual, in whole-hearted appreciation and reverent recognition, to acknowledge and speak directly to the causative levels, flows, and Source of my Being. I simultaneously observe in devotion and invite the magic of mystical revelations. It is with wonder for unseen possibilities and gratitude for all opportunities that I reach now to express in greater refinement and deeper truth of my Being. Through knocking on this Door of Everything that I Am, with whimsy & playfulness, I invite endless mysteries of my deeper Self to reveal. I open in full receptivity to signs in my environment today, to light my next steps of inevitable action. May this pristine magic of engaging in conscious conversation, in consolidated purpose, bless all of life. While accepting with grace all that presents to me, as a potent alchemical commander I am emphasizing chosen qualities, attitudes, and being states through these active affirmations, across all levels of my meticulously cultivated reality. As the One Being in existence, I am speaking to myself in an embrace of all-permeating self-love & acceptance – Divine Compassion for all of life.


  • I am in rapturous adoration with You, Infinite One, in nature – in all plants and animals, all landscapes and climates; for all diversity of life upon glorious Earth that I intake through all of my senses…. I am in rapturous adoration with You, Infinite One, in all subtle energetic flows – the causal flows through the extraordinary meridians, coalescing throughout all layers and levels of life…. 
  • I acknowledge with gratitude that all things in my environment – people, places, things, information, sentient lives, times, and events – are at all times an expression of me – from me, for me; life happens for me. Life is in this moment, and is always – a gift – prompting new directions and explorations; perpetual opportunity to unlock deeper authentic expression through surrender to the unerring benevolence of perpetual renewal & unfoldment. In humility I take up the mantle of majestic living through impeccable empowered mastery. I am fully & unfailingly open to all opportunities for deeper self-exploration & sacred play; for ignition through recognition of the unknowable face of the Divine expressing wondrously within & throughout my precious & thoroughly blessed life.


  • I am in rapturous adoration with You Infinite One, throughout my dream time – recognizing sleep as a powerful opportunity for unique, intrepid exploration, deep nurturing, and inspiration. I am in rapturous adoration with You Infinite One, throughout the vast diversity of exquisite expressions of all Beings.


  • My all-encompassing intention is to truly, actively live the vivid, colorful, brilliant, luminous details of the embellished widths of my carefully tended and always heeded inner space, as I engage in my outwardly expressed environment. This ignites my passion for life at large — I actively live passionately in inner space — illuminating the guiltless innocence of life, and beholding with delight and reverence, how this profoundly self-fulfills and self-generates resources beyond measure, in Limitless Radiance….


  • I am secure in surrendered trust with the unknowableness of life; as the fluid renewal of all of life is a joy and ever-present miracle. I am in fluid, empowered observation of the interaction of the known, unknown and unknowable. I am empowered in my lucid dreaming, reading the signs in my environment and dreamtime as guidance in my graceful dance throughout my Eternal Life. I am mastering manifestations of my hopes & dreams, honoring all that brings delight to my experiences of life. I am living a magical life.


  • I am in rapturous adoration with You Infinite One, for the Divine Timing according to the masterful orchestration of deepest benefit of the Whole, that various elements intermingle in optimal alchemical combinations, as unique elixirs of healing, revelation and enlightenment for each…. I am in rapturous adoration with You Infinite One, for the immeasurable contributions You flow so magnanimously through Your, The One, impeccable, pristine Heart….


  • I am effortlessly and constantly in pristine, clear perception and sensing of my primordial essence as a unique facet of the Infinite’s delight; within the paradoxical Eternal moment of my birth & renewal…. I am living consistently in innovative, productive, dynamic, inspired, confident creativity, that surpasses and exceeds any previous ideas I’ve had; my unabashed expressions are my living prayer of devotion to living a dignified life as a poetic work of art.


  • I am in rapturous adoration with You Infinite One, in appreciation of my Blessings abundant, across the vast expanse of exquisite unfolding and depths of revelations of this Indivisible, Immaculate Perfection…. I am in rapturous adoration with You, Infinite One, for this vertical renaissance, and perpetually renewing spherical awareness, in celebration of depth of poetic, lyrical, incisive, primordial rapture of miraculous living….


  • I am surrendered fully to the Divine in me, and empowering myself to radical optimal inclusiveness that exceeds any conjecture I can conjure. I acknowledge the archetypal nature of my life; and act with utmost self-love & care as sacred government – I am living my holy prayer of devotion.


  • I am connecting effortlessly and magically with all opportunities to express, bless and be blessed, in the most ideally balanced, highest and best way for All of Life, in support of the highest of ongoing refinement and renewal of the One Life in expression. All opportunities present themselves in exact ideal timing through the vastness of Divine orchestration, which in all humility, I see revealed through the perfection of the moment.


  • I am in receipt of and aware of direct loving guidance through resonant inspiration and delight, in all aspects of my life. Anything is possible in the silence of the mind; all is accessible to me through my reverence and depth of surrender.


  • I am fully supported and assisted in continuously dissolving and evolving – gaining insight from – any and all discordant energies at any and all levels, layers and dimensions of my Being, now and ongoingly, at their point of origin, only consciously aware of that which requires it for optimal transcendence. I am free and boundless as the One Life in expression. I am a luminous field through which all can pass and within which nothing sticks or binds. Exquisite qualities of refinement waft throughout my Being and environment as sensuous fragrant blessings, throughout the entirety of all fields & layers of my reality.


  • I am so happy to be alive, for the gift of my life and for the inherent opportunities to celebrate the Divine through my reverent recognition in the moment. I am optimally empowered to experience delight and support others in doing so, as a catalyst for rapturous and miraculous living.


  • My life & the roles I am given to play, in any given moment, are a gift from the Infinite – a gift to experience & explore fluidly changing reality. Nothing is stuck or static – including the roles / script / situations / scenarios of my life – all can be rewritten-released-resolved… releasing / catapulting me into entire new scenarios / landscapes. Anything is possible in absolute humility. I appreciate the fluidity of my awareness and clarity of sensing the inspiration of the automatic action of my next step, illuminated by my adoration for the Infinite in exquisite diversity of expressions….


  • I trust in doing life in a completely new way. I trust, trust, trust in the reality of the Immaculate White Light, and that this light is now my body. In each moment, I completely release all and allow myself to forget everything I thought I knew. I allow all to be consumed within the white light. Everything – everything I think as thoughts, everything I register as feelings – I release it all through my appreciation of the perpetually, fluidly renewed Eternal moment.. I relax, relax, relax. I allow the subtle whispers and deep relaxation to replace striving. I allow the experience of my vastness, and release trying to do anything in life in the way that anyone else does.


  • I release trying to call anything to me, and just embrace the fullness of each moment in deep surrender – I allow myself to express vulnerably and in trust – not trying to get anything or even to leverage anything – just for the love of the adventure, for knowing that the horizon holds untold gems to discover, and that there is exquisite choreography and divine spontaneity in the dance throughout my vastness. I do not need to understand, I can never know anything, but I can know everything in any instant that it is mine to know it. I surrender now into depth of inner silence beyond anything I have ever known, and I allow the dissolving of density in every moment.


  • I allow myself to live in silence, and I release, release, release the density, and know that this is profound service, however different from the rest of the world. I embrace that I do not need to know how anything will happen or to rely on anything specific in terms of flow – I withdraw my attention from anything that does not support my chosen reality – and I redirect it to the feelings that I choose to emphasize through visiting the inspiring buoys within the vastness of my inner space. I trust in Divine Timing, and I know that I Am Abundance. I do not need to earn the right to be here – I do not have to prove my worth or earn a right to life – I embrace that I am here by the grace of the Divine Source of all life – I am supplied abundantly in all moments for glorious flourishing. I am fully expressing in the moment, that which I wish to become.


  • I trust that the ancient, mature, effortless knowing, Feminine, Eternal depths of my Being, that exists beyond the scope of mind, ongoingly intends to & is fully able to upwell flows of delightful synchronous manifestations for the perfect unfolding of my life. I dissolve the desire to deduce and reason. I allow effortless knowing to be my guidance. I am the cause, not an effect. I am empowered in my physicality. 


  • As the sovereign of my reality, I intend favorable outcome to myself whereas it is also benefiting others. I support outcomes that benefit all involved, as sacred government of my reality. The feminine way of manifesting intent, cannot be controlled nor grasped by mind. The reason that the feminine manifests without thought, is so that we can actually have surprises and glad expectations that are met – it is a game that we play with ourselves. I state what I want in general terms, and wait for the surprises to come my way. I manifest by surprising myself – I live automatically & inevitably from the inspiration of the Song of the Infinite within my heart.


  • The Source of my Being is unfathomably holy. I am One with the Source of my Being. As I contemplate the flawlessness of life, it reveals itself to me in endless synchronicities.


  • I do not need to make anything happen – my environment is formed through the alchemy of the equations of my attitudes. There is nothing to fix or save vis a vis the environment, there is nothing to shirk or retract from – all that I see is me… and the deeper that I relax completely into this, the deeper my ecstatic experience of the One Life flowing through me in endless newness, within which all of life pivots. As I love Life and simply the opportunity to Be, so Life loves me.


  • I have nothing but excitement for deeper revelations – no problems to solve, just endless nuances of vision and reverent beholding to explore. No one thing is more important or valuable than another…. Finding fault or assigning importance in the environment is the imposter of self-importance, an unreal reflection. Impeccability is living my highest vision & truth – knowing that I am all that is. As all of life supports me in this expression, I am Self-empowered through clarity of vision.


  • My inner beauty, my true Divine Nature of Limitless potential, is irrepressible and undeniable. My inner beauty animates, rebirths and renews all structures and functions of my physical being and subtle energetic bodies, shining forth the light of the Divine in undeniable, palpable, meaningful ways – surprising and delighting myself with the miraculous and synchronous results. As the banks of the river, life flows through me, and in trusting surrender, masterful full presence & receptivity, I stop the rotation of my inner clock’s field, allowing the presence of the Infinite to arise.


  • My physical beauty and thriving health and vitality are a testament to my inner beauty… irrepressible beauty as the Infinite source in expression through me. I am emphasizing and accepting perfect radiant health, flourishing financial and all general abundance, balance, inner peace and well-being, now. I am comprised of the omni-particle of spherical awareness, and express in consolidated purpose across all levels and layers of my existence.


  • I am experiencing a continually accelerating state of hyper-synchronicity in the events and opportunities unfolding in my life, to support my most joyful, nourishing, enriching and inspiring experience as the Lucid Dreamer of my Life, in the holy Temple of the One Life. I trust fully in the fulfillment of my Heart’s desires. I am free from needs and am guided fluidly by exquisite inspiration.


  • I am in Self-love and complete acceptance of my life and my environment at large, as I glimpse the sacred miracle of life emanating from me, for me. I experience deeply moving gratitude, love and praise throughout my Eternal Journey.


  • I surrender to All that I AM, and I create pristinely from the Heart in the Moment. All reveals itself through the silent surrender of my being, as I cherish and treasure the voice of my Soul expressing throughout my life.  I live fully from the lovingly cultivated details of the width of my inner space.


  • In my chosen and expressed reality, I have a beautiful, synchronous flow of actionable, fruitful creativity, in all areas of life, and my physical form and appearance are timeless and ageless, refining in beauty and compassion out-pictured…. 


  • I am a most empowered steward, through impeccability of my depth of recognition and reverent appreciation of the indwelling spark of the Divine, throughout my life as with all resources that I access in any given moment. I appreciate the delicacy, mystery, and intricacy of interconnectedness of all of life. My appreciation of this is magical and miraculous within my life and extends benevolently to all that I touch. I delight in my experiences.


  • The essence of all that I express is optimally supportive, compassionate, loving, kind, insightful, responsible, creative, respectful, brilliant, enriching, clarifying, healing, reverent, honest, in a mutually supportive way, that honours and upholds our Highest intentions and vision, of uplifting and blessing all of life, realized and manifested through my expression of Divine Compassion, knowing my only true relationship to be that with the Source of my Being. I am fearlessly allowing the experience of deep love, and receiving the purifying effects of deep love. I am choosing and manifesting dignified surroundings that feed my high aspirations & nurture elevated thoughts, and ever-refined feeling states of the rapture of individuation.


  • I am in a state of constant continuous awareness of internal fulfillment… thus receiving in external life what I have ‘given myself’ internally, through the opened and vividly active moebial portal of my High Heart, and lived states of inner and outer nature. I open to express unabashedly and receive fully the radiant splendor of all abundance, and share all gifts graciously. I know complete unity & consolidated purpose between inner & outer, body & soul, and the inner family of sub-personalities.


  • I am appreciating deeply the mystical truth that my “personal” devotion to excellence in expression is my act of honouring the Divine. I thrive in the Sacred Paradox of Being….


  • I am secure in absolute surrender to the Source of my Being expressing across all levels of life through me, thus engaging as inspired new paradigms as they reveal themselves. I am accessing a continuous stream of unparalleled creativity & unfettered genius in inspired, productive expression. I am delighted by and honor my constantly refreshed expression of new excellence.


  • ~ I create pristinely from the Heart in the Moment; All reveals itself through the silent surrender of my being….

    ~ I cherish and treasure the voice of my Soul expressing throughout my life.

    ~ I live fully from the lovingly cultivated details of the width of my inner space.

    ~ In my chosen and expressed reality, I have a beautiful, synchronous flow of actionable, fruitful creativity, in all areas of life.


  • My vastest Self, my Eternal all-encompassing Essence, knows how to play all games within life on Earth, fully empowered & impeccably; knows how to play the games of money – knows how to play the games of relationships – with joy, in full thriving, dignity, beyond any compromise. I relax in full confidence of the benevolence of life & my abilities as a perfectly designed instrument of the Infinite, to flourish and thrive in unabashed creative brilliance, beyond any compromise or law of compensation. The creative artistry in all areas of and across all layers and 8 fields of my life, is my living love – my Self-aware Self-recognition of the Infinite up-welling in expressive delight. In reverent prayerful expression, I am living fully in & for Self-delight.


  • In compassionate response to the messages and signs within my environment, I release all players, roles, shared aspects of life and circumstances, to their own timing and most graceful process of evolution. In appreciative recognition, I dissolve with grace all that no longer serves me. I appreciate all of the diverse players and contributions to my enrichment. I open fully to fluid, graceful guidance & unfoldment according to the Will of the Infinite for the expression of thriving & flourishing in my life, as is distinct and unique for me from any other. As I manifest across all fields of existence, engaging fully my activated extra-ordinary meridians and integrated inner family, all of life is blessed. I accept with humility the ever renewed excellence with which we are gifted to live.


  • My unified body & soul as a trinity with the presence of the Infinite – are in consolidated purpose to live a reverent life of devotion to beauty, passion, joy, elegant refinement and miraculous synchronous unfoldments as the artistic expression of the expressor beholding the expressed in perpetual alchemical ecstasy – the Divine Masculine within the greater environment in full, compassionate, empathic embrace of the Divine Feminine, expressed from depths within – in mutual recognition of the presence of the Infinite. Thriving, flourishing, & masterful rooted presenced engagement are my way of life.


  • The artistry of my life is created in beauty and clarity through the timeless expression of the sacredness of my Eternal Being.


IMG-20140801-01253Dear Ones – thank you so much for the out-pouring of support for all that I’ve been sharing here via – I am so excited to share with you today my updated pages on Private Sessions and Group Engagement! I will absolutely delight in hearing more from you; my adoring heartfelt appreciation for all of the enriching inspirations that you’ve been reverently sharing with me throughout these past weeks of rapid Cosmic evolution! Blessings Abundant, Radiant Ones….