Blessings Abundant, Radiant Ones!

I am sharing an article written last week, for participants of Whole Being Flourishing ~ we are most excited as the official launch for this new platform is coming soon! As Anita Lucia and I are in daily exchange about the nuances of all observed factors and flows within the bodies of our larger environments and self-work, and share in writing for our group, not all that is written is shared… this article is one such piece. 😉

The over-arching theme within my emphasis for this week of Apr. 17th-23rd, is Self-Love – radical Self-Love through clarity of knowing the True Self.
Over the past several days, I’ve reviewed several pieces of my writing from the past several months / year, and recognized a very core theme is Self-Love… as Almine has guided us again and again, to take the time to get to know the Self; as “in knowing the Self, you can love YourSelf;” and this is a never-ending, ever-renewing opportunity, as the Self can never be fully known, so it is a perpetual engagement as in “The never-ending sustenance of the aware participation of the appreciative observer.” On the BVP site, there is a comment from Almine on the nature of what we manifest, to be what we believe to be True… hence a derived implication is that when not seeking to know the True Self, and to foster depth of Self-Love, it is possible to manifest what the Self is not, through believing oneself to be other than one’s true nature. By contrast, Self-Love through All-Inclusive Compassion recognizes the Innocence of all of Life Unfolding, even within apparent folly.

To offer an “in-life” illustration, I was in the city on Wednesday 19th, and ended up stopped in a line of traffic beside a median… I noticed a small but colorful sign beside the road, and had to read it about six times to ascertain that indeed I was reading it properly — it was an advert for Sat April 22nd – “Self-<3 Day!” It had a website listed to visit for a description of the day long event — Self-Love day is being publicly advertised in the city! It is a free, ‘mental health’ sponsored event, open to everyone, and geared primarily to youth. I stopped next at a little complex of stores including a nice grocery stores, to find that one of the adjacent stores that was there for years is now completely gone – that one in particular in the past years kind of felt sad in there to me, had some vaguely religious undertones perhaps from the owners – and the store is now just gone. I went into the grocery store to find that it has been completely renovated – and while nice to begin with, is now this absolutely dignified, beautiful, well-tended, modern, up-graded aesthetic shopping experience – I have never even been in a store designed like that. In full appreciation of the fluidity of one’s environment to gracefully express refinement as a lucid dreamer within one’s own unique dream of reality — this was clearly an out-picturing of evolution in expression.

I found it really interesting, that Almine’s Rune prediction given for the coming week (April 24-30th) addresses obsession as faithlessness. Within the past few weeks, I have described the sense I’ve had the repeated insight, that polarization into perception has been used as a coping mechanism within life as we’ve known it under the law of compensation — so it has been generative, in the sense that the speed at which perception moves has been such that the feeling of two steps forward and one back (as all of life has been under compensation), is lessened, the faster that one moves. It is however, two sides of the same coin that does not exist within the reality of the Infinite, and rather is a sub-creation that is the dream within the Dream of the Infinite; it has all been Innocent in its unfolding. It is just out of time and place now, as there is no more movement or attraction within the new, and rather now we flourish through Assimilation – through fanning our divinely inspired intent and dreams with warmth, and resting innocently in mindless surrendered trust, confident in the benevolence of life.

This consideration is illustrated well as follows: take the example of a plant. There is an elaborate root system that supports it, with particular considerations required in order to preserve it. The roots are unseen through the view of a passerby, as are other supportive forces such as sun and rain throughout each day of the life of the plant. If one walks past, notices the plant, and without consideration for the organic nature of its entirety, yanks the top, visible part of the plant up for closer examination, the full living system cannot be appreciated. When we behold life through “fluid coordination and cooperation of inner and outer space,” the fullness of info available depicts an entirely distinct organic unfolding guidance through authentic inspiration. When we are not seeking insight directly or specifically, and rather respond to guidance in the moment of the next unfolding step, the fullness of the originating inspiration is appreciated; as the where and how this comes from is important, otherwise it gets cut from its roots – the Source of inspiration to which we respond, and are animated by outside of judgment, as is the plant! In this way, honoring the flow ties to Self-Love that recognizes the Whole.

Extending all Blessings through this week, as Radical Self-Love is highlighted, through honoring the Whole, as true Self as the momentary glimpses of the unknowable face of the Divine within full presence, is an Eternal dance of delighted self-discovery, within the Dream of the Infinite…. With depth of respect and appreciation for the symphony of unique expressions! ~ Jodie