Belvaspata of Oneness

Greetings of reverent warmth, Dear One….

I am delighted to share my excitement here with you, for these unprecedented times in Cosmic unfoldment. I have created an offering, hosted on my beloved platform Whole Being Flourishing, that includes 4 sessions of the Belvaspata of Oneness, with each session featuring an elaborated discussion and multi-media support tools.

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As a deeply studied and credentialed healer, mystic, and metaphysician, recent neuroscientific studies as they correlate with the metaphysical principles of mystical experiences, is a passionate area of fascination for me, as I’ve had spectacular mystical experiences, throughout this lifetime.

In applied mysticism, when we live in openhearted wonder — mystical doors do open for us. If we retract from them in confusion, fear, etc., then we slip out of our full presence in the moment, and our awareness returns to a level of focus on that which we perceive as familiar — it is in essence, seeking shelter in the ‘known.’ This of course is a fallacy, as all of life is fluidly renewed in each moment, and form is not static — perceived predictability is just that, perceived — it is but one perception among many that are possible in each moment.

At the heart of all of my work, is the power of surrender and of seeing the perfection behind the appearances, within our indefatigable relationship with the essence / rarefied qualities of the Infinite Being; palpably feeling at-one….

To provide deeper metaphysical context:

  • It is the case, that for eons of existence, the maintaining of individuation was done through tension — through friction.
  • Living in ‘survival’ consciousness / hormones for many years as many experience, is an extreme of tension (the friction of perceived opposites.)
  • So here we find ourselves now in the Field of the One, and within this large field / stage of awareness, individuation is sustained through frequency, rather than the tension of opposites; and in specific, frequency means the expression of tone, such that we are singing ourselves into being. There is a specialty Belvaspata modality that supports this, called the Song of the Self.
  • At any given time, there are cycles within cycles occurring simultaneously. And we are in a cycle right now, wherein there is an ascension (or intensifying) of frequency, and a descension (or lessening intensity) of light. The way that this translates to our experience in embodiment, is that we feel more intensely now, with a key element being, that frequency — tone — begets form. Tones sing matter into form.
  • The words ‘feeling’ and ’emotion’ are often used interchangeably, but to get a little more granular for the sake of really permeating with awareness and developing proficiency and skills to navigate experience, consider instead, that feeling is a capacity to experience emotions… that emotions are fluid, they are rapidly transiting responses to stimuli from within, or without; while feeling is the ability that allows you to register that you are experiencing emotions.
  • Said another way, it is possible to feel in ways, and at levels, that are not necessarily emotional. For instance, there are alchemical equations that discuss “primordial feelings of contentment,” that underlie emotions…. So, think of feeling as a faculty, and emotions as part of what that faculty allows you to experience….

The opportunity inherent in this time, is to remember the fullness of feeling the presence of the Infinite One….

Now to ask: what is your feeling component with that? Do you feel the depths of the Infinite’s love for you, and for all, course through you?

Almine has made the profound statement —“Matter does not respond to ambivalence. Live as if you already are, that which you wish to become.” There’s a simultaneity to recognizing that emptiness is the beginning of fullness, and that in our fluid surrender, we are not ambivalent — rather we take an active role in expressing authentically and feeling fully.

That is a call for us to remember who we really are….

Now let’s go a little deeper with things.

We are in a current of evolution wherein frequency — feeling — is creative. We are also in a time in evolution when the Infinite’s purpose is self-communication (previously it was self-exploration)…. Thus self-communication is happening largely through feeling.

My work here and through Whole Being Flourishing supports you to strengthen in your self-mastery, through facilitating DEEP self-exploration, in order to FEEL more deeply At-One with the Infinite.

The potential is that you feel such fullness that you are overflowing. That your at-oneness in the moment is so rich and abundant, that there is rapture. But you have to overcome any inertia, any ambivalence, any acceptance of feeling dull or lackluster, and really probe your inner world, such that you tap into the deep wells of your own magic….

We provide multi-faceted support for your unique process of going deeper within yourself, to find your rapture in oneness. As the ‘surface mind,’ Beta consciousness, accounts for about 5% of the brain’s functioning and potential awareness, and the remaining 95% is subconscious — the seat of magic, the seat of depths of feeling, reside in that 95%, we assist you to explore that.

Almine has also written:

“Schedule time for visits with your inner self… not just a silencing of the mind, but a familiarity with the inner world of beauty and imagination that you see with your inner eyes and create with the dreams of your heart…. Cultivate aware receptivity for the inspiring beauty and miraculous unfoldment of life to know the fullness that’s yours to experience every moment.”

As we see in the Principles of Divine Compassion, there is but the one true relationship, that with Source — and all else is but an expression of the One Being. In living this, what it means is, that who you are being, is how you are being in your relationship with the Infinite. In other words, what you are doing is secondary to who you are being… as no protocol, process, or technique, will trump who you are being while you are doing it. Thus meditation serves in the dance of self-communication, to access the deeper recesses, and to observe who we are being.

There are powerful perspectives to employ:

  • In each moment of my awareness, I am in fluid communication with the Infinite…
  • There are no exceptions to the Infinite’s awareness of and love for me, there is only my forgetfulness that clouds my clarity.
  • In each moment, I am able to be aware of what I am expressing, in this sacred, creative dance of communication with the Infinite…
  • I am intentionally cultivating the essence of this relationship, and am able to fluidly reset my awareness and my expression.

And this acknowledgement of and devoted dance with this continuous communion with the Source of your being, this commitment to Feeling at One with the Infinite Being, is the practice of Reverent Intimacy… and the feeling states of contentment that arise from this practice, underlie emotions…. This is a cultivated, stable, state of being, but is a practice….

Now is the time to get excited! Celebrate — as with abundant glad expectations, and imperturbable trust in yourself, you claim your divine heritage…. As you do the work to steady yourself, doors are opened to explore your depths within, and to find yourself ever-renewed in the Infinite’s steadfast loving presence… to find yourself in the Infinite’s rarefied qualities of exquisite grace… to allow the feeling of these to permeate your every cell….

Using a breadth of powerful tools taught by the leading mystic of our time, the Seer Almine, I serve as a guide to inter-dimensional self-awareness and embracing our deeply mystical true nature, and it would be a delighted privilege to journey with you.

With unending joy and deep peace, celebrating the benevolent, vast wonders of the Infinite One Life, and the Infinite’s ceaseless expressions of Self-love….

~ Jodie