I extend my depth of gratitude to all of you who have taken the time to considerately express appreciation for your shared experiences through our work together!

From my teacher, the peerless mystic and Seer Almine:

My dearest Jodie; Beloved One as I read the questions that you’ve asked, I was really impressed, by the level from which these questions arose. Dearest, do you understand, how incredibly advanced – conscious – you are to be asking these level of questions? These levels of questions are far beyond what hardly anyone would think of asking; they indicate how far ahead on the journey you are, and how right on target you are, with all the opportunities that are being given us.

You are doing a great, wonderful job, of being ready for every step along this journey. Jodie, my deep respect and praise to you, it is – you really are living an exquisite, masterful life. You are a tremendous blessing for me; a great gift on this journey. Much Love. ~ Almine


From my beloved friend and colleague of over a decade now; Anita Lucia, founder of &

Working closely with Jodie since 2010, as we explored the unfolding cosmic events, I have been deeply impacted by her impeccable and deep way of living her highest truth. Her probing questions have led  us to great revelations about how to evolve the body to its resurrected state. It is a joy and privilege to work side by side. Her ability to perceive from expanded states and bring those deep intuitions to bear on practical matters is unique.  She wields the tools of alchemy with a rare devotion and mastery, and I am very pleased to have her work offered with my own. 


Praise from Private Sessions and recent Whole Being Flourishing participants…


“Beloved Divine Sister… The Alchemy of our time together is still working it’s magic. Amazing how through our dynamic relating, my intention for connecting with you is realized and continues to reveal and refine aspects, calling for attention…either for release or refinement or emphasis…all together, a paradoxical dance… I feel spring alive inside my body…an increase of light… This awareness is alive and I feel the sensation of being in the sun and breathing fresh, thawing snow essence in the air….magical. Every cell and all the space between the cells are singing a song of Grateful Praise…Thank-you!!! What a joyous, thrilling blessing of a session….pure Alchemy!! Sending Love and appreciation,” Wendy M.


 Loving these BVP sessions! So glad you’re offering this! Last night’s session was a drastic change in me.. I’ve never seen such a clear, sharp change like this after a session. My mind seems to be more tame.. now it feels more effortless. It’s a big difference… now there’s something in me that just automatically shuts the mental noise down right from the get go and nips it in the bud… I feel more present and timeless. Truly amazing and so grateful for this!!” Trace C, Ontario


I am in awe to notice the changes happening before my eyes. My old stories and issues are melting away, some of them are no longer an issue, it is like seeing with new lenses. It is true that sometimes I slide down, but I find in myself the resources and strength to climb up and I don’t stay in the hole for as long as I use to. I would like to sign up for another month and don’t want to miss any!  Maria A. NB


This is beautiful! Just amazing. It has been such a powerful and supported month of healing. I have had so much flush up and I hope that more illusion will continue to clear. These BVP sessions have been invaluable over the last few weeks and the support material has perfectly complemented each session. Miraculous support!! Em L, USA


The BVP sessions have been phenomenal. I feel density dissolving, fluidity being restored, eons of old programs being erased. All is in perfection. (And I love the behind the scenes session notes for each session.) Thank you for being fearless guides into the new reality of High Magic. Yvonne D, USA