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Self-Empowerment through Seeing the Perfection Behind the Appearances

I am presently celebrating my redesigned website – Reverent Intimacy – with a $50 off special on all private sessions through the end of summer 2020!  (Current price $70 USD for 90 minutes) Feel free to be in touch as inspired – I would be delighted to hear how you are doing and all that you are up to!

Through private sessions, the exceptional healing modalities that I work with support you to strengthen in your self-mastery, through facilitating DEEP self-exploration, in order to FEEL more deeply At-One with the Infinite; to remember your true nature.

I extend a warm invitation to those at all stages and degrees of involvement in their healing / awakening journey, to walk with me, in celebration and devotion to the beauty and deep mystery of life unfolding. 

From my beloved teacher, the peerless mystic and Seer Almine:

My dearest Jodie; Beloved One as I read the questions that you’ve asked, I was really impressed, by the level from which these questions arose. Dearest, do you understand, how incredibly advanced – conscious – you are to be asking these levels of questions? These levels of questions are far beyond what hardly anyone would think of asking; they indicate how far ahead on the journey you are, and how right on target you are, with all the opportunities that are being given us.

You are doing a great, wonderful job, of being ready for every step along this journey. Jodie, my deep respect and praise to you – you really are living an exquisite, masterful life. You are a tremendous blessing for me; a great gift on this journey. Much Love. ~ Almine

Private session work is a mystical and metaphysical deep dive into the fullness of communication within, throughout and between the 12 fields of existence, in order to establish practical, physical level, organic articulation of Wholeness…

I welcome you to be in touch as inspired.

Blessings of luminous self-revelations….

~ Jodie


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“… adoration is not a feeling; it is a condition of the cells that enables the will of the Divine to broadcast through them and to be interpreted into experience.Humility means we stand in silence before the wonder of our being and allow it to reveal everything to us.”  ~ Almine