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I am truly delighted to be co-facilitating, with my dear friend and colleague of many years, Anita Lucia of Adventures in Boundlessness, our now 3-years-old weekly healing support program, called Whole Being Flourishing.

We work form the understanding that there is perfection underlying all appearances; and that healing is a process of the remembering of our wholeness… remembering the Self that never separated; remembering that separation is a dream.

From our About page:


Greetings of reverent warmth!

Offering both regular weekly sessions, and specialty, self-paced programs, we walk this path as catalysts for each their own deepening and realizations, with deepest respect for the fact that all healing happens within the Self… through reverent recognition of the perfection underlying all of life, may it be ignited! We warmly invite you to explore our site, and to be in touch as inspired; we will be delighted to hear from you

Using the most incisive, comprehensive and pristine modalities we have encountered in our combined years of healing experience, produced by the peerless Seer Almine, this is work that we pursue passionately by ourselves, for ourselves, each and every day, and have been inspired beginning in 2017, to hold a group of those who feel called, within the field of support that we engage in and consciously cultivate through our journey of revelations; a field of perpetually renewed and enhanced perceptions and refining attitudes.

In close contact since 2009, we have explored many healing modalities over the years, and retained very few; through the process we have become very discerning and impeccable in our offerings and claims. Because of our dedication and alignment with highest potentials, we are very supported by the angelic realms during the sessions.

As energetic and spiritual catalysts of Self-revelations, in each moment, we bring forward and share the maximum and newest that we can access, holding nothing back, with daily support that holds participants in a field of blessings. That said, healing potentials are shared as blessings – healing is never enforced; all healing is change that occurs within the Self. The daily support has the added benefit of the embrace of illuminations, revelations of perfection, and dissolution of what no longer serves, that we have gleaned and now embody, along each step of each our own journeys. For testimonials from our members, we invite you to visit Praise.

For those who are newly meeting us, what our monthly Members receive each week, are a 90 minute remote healing session on Sundays, facilitated by two experienced practitioners – Anita Lucia & Jodie; a session support page within the member’s area, featuring an elaborated discussion of the topic of our focus for the week; a link to a customized Runes integration; suggested exercises; Fragrance Alchemy protocols; and video / audio meditations to revisit through the week, all for the price of a single stand-alone session and in devoted support of Awakening Inner Mastery!

It is our joyful privilege to work with you, for whatever length of engagement best serves you! 

To read further details about our offerings, continue here: Monthly Membership; Specialty Programs; & our comprehensive FAQ

If you have questions or special requests, please Contact Us; we will be delighted to hear from you!

Celebrating ~ Private Session Discounts!

I would like to extend my appreciation for the exquisite outpouring of resonance and support on our Whole Being Flourishing platform! It has been exquisite to be in contact NewSigilofPower-291_JodieCarter - Kefelechwith so many of you – my depth of reverent respect to you all!

I am presently celebrating my redesigned website here with a $50 off special on all private sessions through the end of summer 2020!  For details please visit my Private Sessions page, and feel free to take a look around the site. 🙂  Please also feel free to be in touch as inspired – I would be delighted to hear how you are doing and all that you are up to!